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I didn’t even realize I was becoming an “abused woman” because I had too much self-loathing to consider myself a “real woman.”
domestic violence
People may agree that it’s never, under any circumstances, even remotely OK to assault a woman, “porn stars” are somehow exempt from this creed.
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The latest online service to discriminate against sex workers is payment processing giant PayPal, which one sex worker claims strong-armed the crowdfunding website Patreon into blocking all adult content.
I sat on the cold cement of the train station, holding a piece of crumpled up paper that read, "Spare some change? I don’t want to work in the sex industry."
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The case was so outrageous that women’s groups across the country protested, supported local organizations trying to unseat her, and seethed in fury when she was ultimately retained.
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It has become kind of OK to say you did a little sex work -- if you put it down to fun, or research, or empowerment. If you did sex work strictly for the money, you can only really admit it if you put it in the past.
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As some of you guys pointed out in the comments of an older article, I was a punkass bitch for not going on MSNBC when Melissa Harris Perry invited me last year.
sex work
It didn't hit home until a sex worker I know was assaulted by a client. And she needed help.

Feb 22, 2013 at 11:30am | 33 comments

Some people pay for erotic services. Some people with disabilities pay for erotic services.
sex work
It's frustrating that the biggest days for our respective communities are really depressing.
Limbaugh attacked a white woman. A law student. And that has a lot to do with why this incident is making people angry, when Limbaugh’s racism hasn’t sparked nearly the same level of outrage in the past.
The weirdest part about being here is being completely sexually invisible.