sex work
sex work
Empowerment comes in the front door when I can make rent in a singular evening. Yet, it leaves through the back door when I blow it all on pills.
sex work
I did a lot of shopping, bought a lot of drugs. I made more money than I’d ever made -- or even seen -- in my entire life, and all of it cash.
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sex work
There’s a big difference between wearing a push-up bra to make my boobs go from an A to a C and taking that bra off and shoving my tits in some grandpa’s face.

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Sex work has been the making of me, not because it is sex work, but simply because it is work.
sex work
I’m usually the only one studying at the library during odd hours, in-between classes and primping myself for fuck sessions.
sex work
Laws like Hawaii's "police exemption" are yet another example of state-sponsored rape, denying sex workers the right to autonomy over their bodies in the course of their work.
Before I started doing porn at age 34, the only fat women I'd seen in any semi-nude pose (other than in museums) were those "Wish you were here" postcards with the 500lb woman in a bikini.
Growing up, I never saw myself represented in media. I still don’t.

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When she first told me about how she planned to earn money, I was pissed, in complete disbelief and seriously worried for her safety.

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After a bit of cursory searching, I found the key: a poster offering $200 for someone to accompany him to his law school formal.
"Would you want your daughter to do what you're doing?" or its variant, "Would you want your daughter to have access to your work?" are meant to call out hypocrisy in those of us who support sexual freedom.
The idea of getting a close-up of a stranger’s penis, butthole or labia sounds more like training for a medical exam than a turn-on.
porn claims that they go out of their way to respect model’s boundaries and ensure their safety during performances. I decided to find out firsthand.
In the stories I had heard and read about, the women used eBay to mail the panties out. But I figured, why not cut out the shipping cost and just give them to the guy?
There's a time in a young girl's life when she is ripe for whoring. That time, for me, has passed.
Being sexually available and making men feel good about themselves is work, and I don’t have to do it for free.
I would sell my vagina for a good sex work memoir.

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A lot of women who work in the sex industry are perfectly normal, happy and well-adjusted types who use the work to bolster their financial situation, or assist in their education. Me? I was one of the fuck-ups.
sex work
The economic reality is that sex work is the best (and sometimes only) option for me. It’s certainly not always the best choice for my mental health, but neither is poverty.