teen pregnancy
First of all, this is a campaign designed to make people feel bad.
The problem with PETA is that it knows that sex, controversy, and Internet rage sell.
Using the term “war” implies a systematic and highly organized effort to suppress and ultimately eliminate Christmas celebrations.
People who hotly deny bisexuality might want to do some thinking about why the idea bothers them so much.
The United States has a very complex and tormented relationship with guns, and a debate format is just really not the best place to be exploring gun policy, gun violence and gun ownership. So I braced myself for a wild ride, and I got one.
The right hasn't really pulled any punches when it comes to making it clear that fetuses are more important than the women who carry them, though it curiously doesn't care a whit for children once they're born.
Pretending to be homeless for three days doesn't provide insight into what it's like to be homeless, any more than other “empathy” simulations offer a real glimpse into the lives of others.
rape jokes
First of all, who the hell uses chloroform these days, and second of all, could you get any more creepy and rapey?
PETA is exploiting the panic over autism to advance its own agenda, which is revolting, but also deeply illustrative of how much the West fears and hates autism.
fucking up on social media
The United States is falling apart at the seams and its persistent class problems are a significant social issue, not something to be memeified and jokingly posted on the FAFSA Twitter account.
Who wants to punch a ballot for the guy who thinks rape is comparable to having a child out of wedlock?
sexual assault
“When you blame others, you give up your power to change,” the judge said. I'm sorry, what?
A judge who thinks this way is not someone I would want presiding over any case involving sexism, violence against women, or rape.
domestic violence
The American Bar Association notes that one in three murders of women is committed by an intimate partner.
I wasn’t aware that Glenn Beck was the current head of the "Who’s a real man?” club, but evidently he is, and he used the power vested in him to strip President Obama of his man privileges.
Telling women they need smaller bazongas if they want to avoid bullying is feeding into a larger and really gross culture about women and bodies.
There are far, far cheaper ways to find a husband.
seriously just stop talking now
I’m pretty irked that liberal-leaning attorney Tamara Holder chose to use her platform on Fox to suggest that Michelle Malkin “needs to get laid.”
Why aren't we arguing for disrupting the paradigm itself, rather than the behavior of individuals?
Insisting that victims and survivors are responsible for what happened to them, of course, absolves society of responsibility when it comes to dealing with its rape problem.
vagina vagina vagina
You’ve got to keep your vagina under lock and make sure to keep a close eye on it so it doesn’t run off, because other people can’t be blamed when they see a vagina just lying around and decide to take it.