Our size difference is so noticeable, in fact, that when a mutual friend introduced us, even she couldn’t get behind the idea that we’d somehow form a relationship.
Lately, my mantra is "I am made of love." Yeah, it's kind of dumb, but that's OK. BECAUSE I'M MADE OF LOVE.
being kind to yourself
I'm in a relationship with myself, and it's pretty great.
When patients ask me how they can help themselves outside of my office or when someone asks what they can do for themselves outside of their treatment time, I recommend doing this simple acupressure routine.
clutch magazine
To everyone else constantly sprouting thoughtless, meaningless “love your body, love yourself” jargon without nuance, f*** off.
Like most people, I still drift toward negative thoughts from time to time, but I’ve gotten much better at keeping myself from spiraling out of control.
I don’t blame my parents for introducing me to the debilitating world of narcissism. But to this day, my father still believes, and I quote, "If you tell someone 'good job,' they'll get lazy so I say nothing so that you'll work harder."

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