If you’re like most of the smart, kind, politically invested white people I know, you’ve been watching recent events via the Internet and the news and thinking, “I am very informed on these circumstances right now, but I don’t know what I can DO.”

Aug 27, 2014 at 3:00pm | 101 comments

bad boyfriends
I don’t seek out bad men. I just see the good in them, sometimes where very little good exists.
new year's resolutions
I salt everything, no matter how well seasoned it already is. When I have a stroke at age 35, you’ll know why.
getting over things
I spend most of my time worrying about money -- where I'm going to get it, what I'm going to do with it, and why I don't have enough of it -- but I don't think I've ever admitted to not being good with it, to actually having a learning deficit when it comes to cash.
limitless possibilities
I don't go out and I don't make resolutions. Instead, I ruminate on the nature of existence and give you unsolicited new-agey foo-foo advice. Enjoy.