The concentrated messaging the instant you walked through the door was that fat women could also be stylish and sexy, dammit, and if you didn't believe in the possibility of that, you were in the wrong store.
falling down
I am the kind of woman who once got stuck in a dress she was trying on at a store and had to be cut out of it by the sales ladies.
I spend a TON of time (and a healthy chunk of cash, I've realized) maintaining the face I’ve chosen to present to the world.

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body image
I offer the following proposal: maybe we should just stop trying to be hot.
I dug up four of my most unflattering non-selfie pics from the last few months. And I'm sharing them with you.
Know what I used to do for a lot of the day? Google people I was jealous of and hate myself. And then: repeat.
body image
Unlike men, women aren’t socially allowed to choose facial hair as an aesthetic choice and as part of their personal expression.
PLAN B: I'm going to invent a cocktail and call it "ASPIRATIONAL DESPAIR" and get reeeeaaallly drunk on it.
Am I giving myself permission to be terrible, just by virtue of the fact that I'm admitting it?
blah blah feelings blah
I know, I know, I shouldn't depend on the validation of others to determine my self-worth. But sometimes I want to be the prettiest, damn it!
Something about dragging my feet around malls for hours while other people look at clothes makes me want to try to swallow a metal hanger. I can't be the only one who feels like this!
Being forced to take pictures of myself constantly started to breed more self-confidence, and looking at those pictures, I stopped seeing the things I used to see that I hated.
When you are abused, your self worth depends entirely on the approval of your abuser. In the absence of any sort of approval from my mother, I turned to men.

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say something nice on the internet day
On this inaugural "Say Something Nice On The Internet Day," I feel like it's most important to treat myself right.
arm workouts
I've always felt a little self-conscious about my naturally muscular arms and shoulders. Instead of waiting for them to atrophy, I've decided to make 'em look awesome.
From 2002 and on, I basically never stepped foot on a beach and, if I did, I was always fully clothed.
body politics
I use the word “fat” to describe myself, and not in a humorous way, or a self-deprecating way. I use it because it’s true.
body politics
An interview with author Hanne Blank, and a totally biased review of Big Big Love.
Even Dorothy Parker hated on freckles, saying "Four be the things I'd have been better without: love, curiosity, freckles and doubt." Dorothy Parker was wrong.
body image
i am not a psychologist
You ever feel like nothing you do is good enough and someday someone will expose you for the giant fraud you secretly are? No? Oh. Never mind, then.