The truth is, we need one another, especially when our lives are complicated and difficult. Why make things harder by being needlessly cruel?
With no make up, and a thin layer of sweaty sheen, my scarred skin seemed to glow obnoxiously, made all the more noticeable by my hair pulled back tight off my face. But my skin never prevented me from becoming a dynamic dancer with confidence in her abilities.
I dug up four of my most unflattering non-selfie pics from the last few months. And I'm sharing them with you.
interesting projects
As a very fat woman, I find looking into a mirror and liking what I see to be one of the most empowering ways to start my day.
I was fortunate enough to have four nipples. Granted the third and fourth were a good three inches below my primaries, and they were small. But I didn’t like them.
radical anti-diet extremism
Some further steps on the self-acceptance path. Bonus: Nutella!
body image
Is it hypocritical of me to preach self-acceptance while carefully regulating what goes into my mouth?