It's easy to focus on the flaws in women's media and what still hasn't changed in my decades being intimately involved with it. Here I want to talk about what's so great about it and how far it's come.
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My favorite fashion blog in the whole world wide web is Ironing Board…
Not that the rest of you who are trying to be funny aren't also hilarious; just that: He's funnier. Crap. This being nice stuff is hard!
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You all are heroes to me, saving me from my own cynicism on the days I sit poised to fire off angry missives about how everybody's a critic. Nope, that's just me.
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My love affair with the Internet and its people.
As a culture, we seem profoundly uncomfortable with compliments -- particularly those among us who have been socialized as women.
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I'm out, and I'm proving that we can still be critical about things we love.
say something nice on the internet day
xoJane star commenter Dana DeRuyck actually wrote a song for Say Something Nice on the Internet Day. We cried.
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I probably wouldn’t be alive without my Mom. What better day than today to say thank you?
say something nice on the internet day
I’d like to say something nice about a woman on the internet who is ALWAYS…
say something nice on the internet day
Real life best friends Amy Poehler, Meredith Walker and Amy Miles created the site to showcase girls who are important and excellent just because they are doing things that they are interested in and that they believe in.
say something nice on the internet day
Thank you, to all the strangers who have reached out to me during really rough…
Following the publication of her story, Marie Calloway -- a college student originally from Nevada, self-described as “introverted and sensitive,” 18 at the time the story had been lived -- found herself the center of a media attention that was largely negative and loudly debating whether or not Marie Calloway and the likes of her deserved any attention at all.
say something nice on the internet day
I have been in the hospital all week following a bad asthma attack and   I…
say something nice on the internet day
Being in fandom feels like I have this huge crowd of people who have my back, and that’s pretty fantastic when you’re feeling down in the dumps, or you’re faced with a tough decision, or you really need help with something.
say something nice on the internet day
I'm so glad that you are doing this. I think people get so used to offering up…
say something nice on the internet day
On this inaugural "Say Something Nice On The Internet Day," I feel like it's most important to treat myself right.
Reminder! Tomorrow is say something nice on the Internet Day!
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