If you have to walk, you may as well wear something comfortable. We can't all be carried around in a chair by our loyal subjects. ALSO: I hope you like the 1970s and granny-licious style.
Looking stylish in the summer is actually simple if you use this fashion equation: simple+classic+colorful=easy, breezy, CUTE! I guarantee you probably already own the items to make this look work. Stand in front of your closet while you read.
ballet flats
Better late than never! (But I'm still convinced I'm gonna lose my toe in a freak accident.)
it's in my closet now how do i wear it
"Good luck with these shoes, Ms. Ask Laia. They are from Goodwill, from the '90s."
do this don't
With a few tweaks this faux-pas can become...whatever the opposite of a faux-pas is.

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