andrew w.k.
Heavy metal rocker and motivational speaker (and my musical hero) Andrew W.K. talks about why he kicked himself in the face in pursuit of partying, why he chooses to perceive time as nonlinear, and gushes about how every day he spends with his wife is amazing. Awwww.
Tucker and I are not great friends, by any means, but he has been one of the few people in my life who not only supports and understands my desire to be a published writer, but actually encourages me to make it happen.
Sportscastress (a term we invented just for her) extraordinaire Erin Andrews on cake from supermarkets, trying to squeeze the last everlovin' bit out of a lip-gloss tube, her grade school trouble with the law, and "the year of the Ryans."
erika christensen
I love "Parenthood." Erika loves Skrillex and the very, very weird thing in her purse.
Margaret Cho on having abortions, feminism and why we should all be talking about our periods. Oh, and she makes some jokes, too.
She's played a pottymouth and a pregnancy-faker, but actress Jessalyn Gilsig is also a producer and a painter.