If ride-share apps operate in a totally different way to old-school taxis, how can we ensure people are aware of this -- and what are the steps we all need to take to keep safe?

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This is where I will start to sound a little meshugenna.

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I hope that someday, all the Slutwalks and Take Back the Nights will add up and we will all be able to do what Sylvia Plath dreamed of: “to be able to sleep in an open field, to travel west” and, most importantly, “to walk freely at night…”
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Sure, ride your bicycle, dude -- just please stop talking to me about it.
"That happens to other people!" is how I've been thinking.

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I chose Chico State for its journalism program, pretty brick buildings and small town feel, and have stayed despite what the media calls our “sexual assault problem.”
I used to point out all the stupid shit that I saw other cyclists do. After about the third death this year, I stopped. I didn’t want to give any more ammo to those who rush to blame the victim.
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Being a girl is scary sometimes! Protect yourself with some adorable self-defense accessories.
if you see something say something
I’ve taken the New York transit safety motto "If you see something, say something" very seriously -- maybe somewhat stupidly.