Sometimes what people refer to as “positivity” is actually denial. I’m all for having a positive attitude, but I have also battled major depression and I’ve had enough of people scolding me in the name of “positivity” if I express a negative emotion.
I'm still figuring out if I have better quality of life off of antidepressants, but I know one thing: I get sad easier. Here's how I'm coping.
I have been experiencing some really INTENSE cries, lately. Maybe you know the kind.
atelier cologne
You may feel like the black hole inside of you is swallowing up everything decent and good in the world, but in the meantime, you can look and smell nice.
Guys, I'm a little down this week. What snack should I make?
downton abbey
The arrival of a Mysterious Stranger throws the family into disarray, and I make a halfhearted attempt to resolve the "Did Mary have butt sex or regular sex with the Turkish gentleman?" issue.
The news of Amy Winehouse’s death hit me like a truck. Here’s how I’m working through what happened.