Don't get me started on roommates who subscribe to traditional gender roles in regards to housework, and therefore feel that the mess isn't their problem to deal with.
you are the advice columnist
He frames every poster, even the ones with promotional writing on them or really beat-up ones just because they have The Joker on them.
you are the advice columnist
I am just not sure how to go about having this conversation, what to say, or whether to bother saying anything at all.
I don’t know what the age limit is on living with your best friend until it gets weird.
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you are the advice columnist
We don't know how to tell her we don't want to live with her again because we know her reaction will be emotional, traumatic, and potentially dangerous.
I really don't have an interest in spending ample time with her friends anyway- I'm busy and have my own social group to juggle already.
moving out
I haven’t lived with a roommate since I shared a house with five other girls and a bunch of squirrels during my senior year of college.
how not to be a dick
I’ve bunked with self proclaimed sex addicts, shared a dorm room with a hoarder, and put up with all manners of bull-shiggity in the name of cheap rent in the big city.
ihtm contest
Sometimes I look for new articles or new developments in the case. I scroll through the comments to where people speculate that they were out in the woods, “doing what teenagers do.” As if they got what they deserved. My blood boils.
It is not until you find your vulva’s second-favorite buddy in a shared space, where you blatantly DID NOT LEAVE IT that you realize life hasn’t prepared you for such a moment.
Her bedroom consisted of my chair, a mattress with sheets, a towel, a bottle of lotion and a bottle of lube. At different times I found lingerie, a Valentine’s Day stuffed animal, and a poorly written high-school assignment marked 70 percent.
We’re moving in together soon, and shining, unachievable beauty will become the norm. I’ll be the ugly one.
city life
In San Francisco, the average rent of a one-bedroom apartment is over $2,500 a month. Now that I'm getting a taste of that absurdity, at what point do I give up the ghost and just start working remotely from Small Town, USA?
They say bad things come in threes.

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