the jane dough
I’m on a mission to clear the name of some of my all-time favorite movies that have been deemed “chick-flicks” when they really, really aren’t.
You know what would happen if I got a bottle of cola I couldn’t open out of a machine? I would try to furtively open it with my teeth.
friend zone
I understand how people might get sort of weirdly hopeful about slow-dancing with their BFFs to Billie Holiday 10 years down the line.
I try to avoid throwing out accusations of “misogyny,” but it is hard for me not to think that the reason so many male viewers seem to object so strongly to these films is because they’re the rare example where they are expected to spend the entire length of the movie identifying with a female protagonist.
being cold and dead inside
The idea of romance, or people being romantic and open and honest with their feelings, makes me wildly, incredibly uncomfortable
action movies
It used to be a crazy aberration to see one of our action heroes changing a diaper or wrangling with a feisty housecat, but now, it's become the norm.