the frisky
Elle Woods is a true model and handles challenges with class. I know, I know, she’s a romantic comedy character, not Mother Theresa. But trust me, Elle’s got it together.
The woman just completed a 110-mile swim at the age of 64. Personally, my biggest accomplishment today was making a sandwich.
miss piggy
Yes, she can be vain and domineering; she get incredibly jealous and can fly into a volatile rage with little to no warning, but Miss Piggy is still worthy of admiration and (careful, discerning) emulation.
Reader clairesayswhat introduced me to an adorable stereotype of professional librarians, I turned it into a shopping post.
Pam never met a pastry she didn't like. We're similar in that way.
I learned from her that taking care of yourself was one of the easiest and comforting things you could do. Even when things weren't going well, you could get your hair done.