(Before you judge me, I honestly had NO idea this asshat had a wife.)

Aug 9, 2012 at 11:00am | 197 comments

In which I am shaming the show that shames the fat shamers. VENGEANCE IS MIIIINE.
cell phone
Dare to cast the cell phone user a censuring glance for violating the law, common courtesy, posted signs or privacy, and they'll look at you as though you proposed exhuming their grandmothers and urinating on them.
One night, as we were “text-fighting,” he texted me with “Lose 10lbs and then talk shit on me.” So I publicly shamed him.
And why is this actress wearing a dress full of spikes?
In other words, "Revenge" is the television show people would make if they were sitting around listening to me tell bedtime stories to coax myself into sleep.