twin peaks
I recreated wearable, updated versions of five characters’ looks, because everyone has a "Twin Peaks" archetype.
Because back then, the people hanging stage-side looked just as good as the ones up front.
I cut myself off from technology for 24 hours as a way to get a few questions answered. The answers were not at all what I expected.
dita von teese
I ditched my stubby nails for some uncomfortable claws. Was it worth it?
Imitate the most fashionable doll of all-time, but with the bonus of moveable limbs!
If Betty Draper were a zombie, she'd totally go for this look.
Just in time for the HBO show's second season, a tutorial fit for a speakeasy!
We celebrate more retro denim styles, all in an effort to GIVE YOU STUFF.

Aug 24, 2011 at 12:06pm | 0 comments

Get the fun ponytail and winged liner that Emma Stone sported at the "Friends With Benefits" premiere.
brigitte bardot
Pigtails can look hot, not infantile, if you follow a few of these tricks.