Many shelter officers and workers anecdotally testify to the existence of Black Dog Syndrome, and it's widely believed to be true in the animal rescue community.

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it happened to me
I am far from perfect, but a bad dog owner I AM NOT and I refuse to let anyone tell me otherwise.
I do not want a breed that sheds a lot. I do not want a breed that has inherent problems like fragile legs (leaving out my favorite breed, the Italian greyhound) or breathing problems (goodbye, pugs.)

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While I hope everyone seriously considers adopting their next pet from a shelter, no one talks about how difficult it can be to raise a shelter pet or a pet that is the product of an abusive previous home life.

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When it’s been emotionally or financially taxing, I’ve still felt nothing but extraordinarily fortunate to share my home with such wonderful friends.
animal rights
Walking a cat is surprisingly easy. One simple rule: Bring treats.
being an adult
Pestilence! Famine! Sulfur! Cat poop! This one is for the hardcore animal lovers only.