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In the early '80s, my mom used to bring me to pro-life rallies as living proof of the superiority of childbirth -- I tried my best to help assemble placards which were helpfully illustrated with poster-sized photos of curled up bloody fetuses.
If you work as a pharmacist, OB/GYN, or medical-surgical nurse, there’s a chance you’ll be involved in abortion or contraceptive care. And you need to deal with that. If you don’t want to deal with it, pick another medical specialty.
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U.S. abortion providers have become de facto social workers, fundraisers, and travel agents, to name just a few of their ancillary roles.
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YOU GUYS FINDING FREE CONDOMS IS TOTALLY NOT THAT DIFFICULT, and other nuggets of reproductive wisdom from noted women's advocate, Rush Limbaugh.
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Cassidy went into labor in her Lakeland, Florida mobile home, and gave birth to a 9-and-a-half pound baby boy on September 19. Several days later, her mother discovered the body in a shoebox in her bedroom.
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As requested, I wrote this while under the influence of the good drugs from the hospital.
Limbaugh attacked a white woman. A law student. And that has a lot to do with why this incident is making people angry, when Limbaugh’s racism hasn’t sparked nearly the same level of outrage in the past.
I huddled in my bathrobe on a towel and tried not to look at the trail of blood I’d left around the living room.
The right hasn't really pulled any punches when it comes to making it clear that fetuses are more important than the women who carry them, though it curiously doesn't care a whit for children once they're born.
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I had my tubes tied because I never want to have kids, and because I don't want to worry that the political tides will shift against my child-free favor.
In my 20s, I had an abortion in a Massachusetts clinic before the protection law was in place. It was like going to the doctor in a war zone.
Who wants to punch a ballot for the guy who thinks rape is comparable to having a child out of wedlock?
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Gov. Pat McCrory offered the baked goods to a group of 17 pro-choice protesters outside his mansion. They didn't appreciate the gesture.
The choice to have an abortion isn’t agonized over, and that is the film's most controversial element.
I'm not saying the Texas State Legislature is the only state government run by jerks who hate ladies. But I'm fascinated by their particular mesquite-flavored form of misogyny.
Are you cool with telling your boss all about your PCOS? Because that's what Arizona's House Bill 2625 would like you to do. Otherwise you might get fired. Or you might get fired anyway. And it would all be totally legal!
Welcome to the Golden State, where the rents are stratospheric, the burritos are delicious, and abortion is that much more accessible.
Today is the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, which, yay, choice! Everybody clap for reproductive rights -- and the urgent need to defend them. Also, s.e. is in a book and is terrible at self-promotion!