In the early '80s, my mom used to bring me to pro-life rallies as living proof of the superiority of childbirth -- I tried my best to help assemble placards which were helpfully illustrated with poster-sized photos of curled up bloody fetuses.
the pill
The author of a controversial new book about the alleged risks and dangers of hormonal birth control shares her thoughts on the matter.
rh reality check
U.S. abortion providers have become de facto social workers, fundraisers, and travel agents, to name just a few of their ancillary roles.
I huddled in my bathrobe on a towel and tried not to look at the trail of blood I’d left around the living room.
I’m a disabled person, and I actually wholly support prenatal screening and full access to prenatal care, because I think it can result in healthier pregnancies and better outcomes for both pregnant people and infants.
Sure it’s strange having a job that entails having about 75 strangers a year inspecting your girly bits, but hey, somebody’s got to do it and I happen to do it well.
birth control
You definitely don’t need women testifying at a panel on whether birth control should be included in women’s health plans. After all, government is for men!
birth control
The EEOC says failing to provide contraceptive coverage in a prescription drug plan may constitute gender and pregnancy discrimination, thus potentially making it what some of us might call "illegal."
vagina vagina vagina
No matter how many euphemisms he cloaked it in, it still would have been viewed as unacceptable for him to teach his students about reproductive anatomy, and worse, to talk about orgasms.
I have been to the see my gyno, who I have in my phone as “Vag 911,” five times in the past six months.
missing ovary
I know, logically, that it was the mass -- an accident, a twist of fate, a force of nature -- that took my ovary away. But in my heart, I can’t help but mourn, both for the children those eggs might have become, and for the space in my body where there was once an organ that now is empty.
As it stands now, over half of California counties do not have accessible abortion providers, and people may need to travel four hours or more to access care.
Now that it looks like my time with my uterus is coming to an end I am having some serious regrets.
family drama
Adiana is a procedure where the doctor places a silicone insert into each of your fallopian tubes and delivers a mild electrical shock to them in order to stimulate scar tissue growth. The scar tissue eventually blocks the fallopian tubes completely, thereby sterilizing you.
I received a lifesaving abortion from a team of highly professional, skilled, and compassionate health care providers. Everyone, everywhere, should have access to the level of care I had at all times and in all situations, no questions asked.