Most treatment centers don’t take girls under 13, so it was difficult to find a place that would accept me, even though I desperately needed help.
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eating disorders
Anorexia, for me, was a confusing and solitary time when I couldn’t even explain why I hated and hurt myself.
philip seymour hoffman
A lot of people are talking about what could have been done to "help" Phil. I want to talk about how he helped everyone he ever met.
Methadone is supposed to be a fix, a treatment, a way out. It ended up causing more problems than even my worst days of heroin.
Five years and one day ago, I was wandering the streets of Manhattan in a blackout.
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I wish somebody told me that feeling normal will scare the crap out of you at first.
drug addiction
You know when you're underwater, and you need to come up for a breath? That's heroin withdrawal, only not exactly, because it's worse.
On this Halloween I will remember myself at age thirteen twenty years ago, innocently in love with River.
Rehab counselors warned us not to stay friends with each other after treatment since most us wouldn’t stay sober, but I felt like Gerry and I would somehow make our post-rehab friendship work, despite the fact that he would always be a hardcore criminal.
I decided to finally start listening to my own heart or head or whatever. And it's telling me, "California."
Most days I laid in bed and suffered, convinced that either I had some kind of cancer eating me from the inside out that no doctor could find, or that they were right and there was nothing wrong with me and the pain was an invention of my twisted mind.
This is a story about when music is survival.

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I want to make it clear to my insides that we no longer believe in the motto, “Live Fast, Die Young.”
disordered eating
It wasn’t until months after I left OA that I finally challenged the validity and utility of my “Eating Disorder” label. Is identifying myself as an “Eating Disordered” person for the rest of my life really serving me?
I was weeks away from graduating college, I had a job in foreign country, had plane tickets in my hand and a scholarship in my bank account. Then I fell.
1. If your best friend tells you she was raped, BELIEVE HER.
Underweight and underslept seemed good on catwalks but it was not nice, it was not glamorous and it did not make me feel good.
Or how I found out I'm an alcoholic.

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(Fun fact: Every patient on an eating disorder unit farts. Constantly. Everywhere. It’s a symptom of re-feeding. And it is HILARIOUS.)