The following items have ridiculously high profit margins and are a terrible value. I am often stupefied at the ridiculous cost of some of these items when you and I know what they cost to make yourself.
classy drinks
I hate how "girly" is supposed to be an insult. So let's talk drinks. Plus recipes for three of my fave cocktails.
PUT DOWN THAT BLUE BOX RIGHT NOW. Here's my go-to recipe for perfect, gooey, delicious homemade macaroni and cheese. (With a bonus gluten-free option that's just as amazing.)
What questions do you have about cooking or buying or preparing or hosting or going to Thanksgiving or how to set a table, or serve or wear? Ask away, because that’s what I’ll be answering over the next few weeks.
It's actually ridiculous how much money one saves bringing lunch to work.

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I swear if you sliced my last boyfriend open you’d find him to be 70% Del Taco, 20% gatorade and 15% frozen fish sticks. Also: he was bad at math.
Friends, I have drunk the green Kool-Aid. No, not Ecto-Cooler. That's good, too, though.
Spring always makes me inexplicably mopey, to the degree that I sometimes have trouble putting food in my mouth on the regular. If you have this problem, too, I have a few suggestions for meals you can survive on until May.

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In which Claire "Scientific Method" Lower tests Amanda "Throw it in the pot, it'll be fine" Blum's recipes for a weeks worth of healthy, easy lunches. Commentary ensues.
Somewhere in my brain is the conclusive idea that any illness, whatsoever, perhaps even cancer, can be washed away by simply drinking enough water.
Do not, under any circumstances, bring something that requires the oven, prep room, or the stovetop.
diet food
I am no stranger to incomprehensible foodstuffs, so why not try these gelatinous diet noodles?
It's the middle of winter, when my energy has to be conserved for knitting, sipping hot toddies, stoking the fire (this is a lie, I have a fake fireplace) and cuddling the dog. Who wants to work harder in the kitchen?
coconut butter
I am coming to terms with the fact that I may, in fact, have A Problem when it comes to sugar.
Ms. Smith is no fool. I suspect she knows exactly what she's doing, and she's doing it right, because here we are discussing it.
I can't get the Carl's Jr. Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich here in Florida, so I'm making my own (and it's better).
I loathe football, but my lord, do I love the Superbowl. I’m all DGAF about the game itself, but even I can celebrate THE END. If they made Superbowl pasties I’d wave em about while offering my houseguests crackers and cheese.
I was initially all, “Ugh, just leave the donut alone guys,” because you can’t improve what is already perfect. But then I became intrigued.
Eggs have a great gig. They’re a staple, like flour, but you’d never put flour out there on its own. Indeed, the egg can stand alone:) So why is it is SO DAMNED HARD TO GET AN EGG ORDER RIGHT?

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bloody mary
Don’t get me wrong, I love a little V-8, but I’m just going to put it out there: YOU CAN DO BETTER.
A little slice of this and you'll be in Victoria Sponge rhapsody.

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Can't get enough tomatoes, garlic, basil and CARBS? Then this post is for you.

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