julia allison
My love life hit bottom. And then my grandmother passed -- and everything changed.
I would have to sit through hour-long conversations with storywriters, sound guys, interns, that focused on the imperfections of my body. I ate salads, but the one night we had pizza I was filmed more than anyone else.
The only reality competition series I’ve ever loved is back for its ninth season. I’m trying to sort out why it matters to me so much.
reality shows
And believe me, they're not glamorous. They're also not "real."
gabby douglas
I don't mind a little snark, but it is never, ever, ever cool for adults to say mean things about children. And yes, 16 years old counts as "a child."
reality tv
I'm not here to make friends -- I'm here to make you famous.
reality tv
Here’s the thing: I don’t watch reality TV to have a mirror of society held up to my face.
the bachelor
The show is exploitative. Degrading. Absurd. And I’m hooked.
thought catalog
By now, it’s my fault that I’m still surprised by these solicitation calls about my marital status.
dating advice
Being eliminated from "The Bachelor" is life-changing in a “What the hell was I thinking?” kind of way.
doggie moms
Why am I always watching these shows that are little more than women backstabbing and backbiting? It makes me feel like I’m not practicing what I’m preaching. Am I adding to the problem?
america's next top model
I was sitting next to America’s Next Top Model’s Jay Manuel, during my five-hour flight from Los Angeles to New York. So I asked him the same 5 questions we always ask.
In her new book, writer Kate Durbin uses transcribed reality-TV dialogue as fodder for a surprisingly sympathetic look at a medium that everyone loves to hate.
reality tv
If reality television wants to grow and stick around, it might need to make a few changes.
real housewives
Or How To Turn Back The Decline Of Modern Civilization

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reality tv
Let's make "liking stuff" the new "not liking stuff."

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pawn stars
How I became obsessed with the GREATEST SHOW EVER.

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ny ink
How the first episode of "NY Ink" pissed me off mightily, and what my awesome hot talented lady tattoo artist has to say about it.

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ami james
celebrity rehab
Please fill Jane in on anything I may have forgotten. Also, I like Dr. Drew in a sexy way.
I feel bad about my schadenfreude.

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