real housewives
And other truths one Real Housewife overlooked in her new train-wreck of an advice book.
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Technically I am “Real Unemployed Stay at Home Girlfriend of Beverly Hills” but whatever.
jill zarin
Jill Zarin might just be one of most stunning makeunders of all time, as she reveals the shocking truth that, believe it or not: Her business stock has actually gone up since she left the "Real Housewives of New York!" Plus, all her beauty secrets. Oh, they are. So. Good.
For many people with self-esteem problems, there is comfort in the status quo. Once I had banished all the assholes from my life, I realized it was something I strangely craved.
We attended the launch of a new line of sex toys called Bedroom Kandi and got some sex tips from the Real Housewife. Lesson one: put sugar in your p*&%y! What?!
But the rest can be great, so feel free to play ball.

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real housewives
Or How To Turn Back The Decline Of Modern Civilization

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