body image
Strangers often feel free to weigh in on my kid’s appearance, often directly to her.
We’re concerned about not only giving her good geeky media, but good geeky media that doesn’t completely ignore her heritages.
I understand the motivation behind people’s disdain for princesses and the whole princess marketing megashark that never stops swimming and eating all of us. But princesses pretty much kick ass.
There’s this kind of idealized dream of little girls, as sugar and spice and everything nice, which results in huge amounts of pressure to make them as femmey as possible at all times.

Oct 1, 2012 at 9:00am | 120 comments

Teaching kids about money is hard -- we should cut ourselves some slack.
I think, for many dads out there, the reason for becoming “at-home dads” is actually twofold -- both financially based and a chosen decision.