No one ever said to me, "Hey, I’m sorry I contributed to the development of a powerful self-loathing for basically all of your most formative years, which you would then have to spend the next decade unpacking!" No one ever acknowledged that this was a bad idea.
Young kids' burgeoning obsessions with their weight and dieting are tragic, yes. But surprising? Not in the least.
If you ask me, the problem with glorifying obesity is that we need to do more of it.
eating disorders
In the third installment of a never-ending series, I attempt to talk Emily out of going back to Weight Watchers.
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Scientists say worrying about being fat can actually make you fat. So I want to know if you can spend one day refusing to worry about being fat, or getting fat, or any other perceived imperfection of your body.
Yeah, that got your attention, didn’t it? A Texas hospital is refusing to hire staff over a certain BMI threshold. I'm telling you why this is a dumb idea.
body politics
I dieted myself into surgery. Only afterward did I wonder why.
body politics
Fat-shaming ought to be self-explanatory, but it’s actually kind of tricky to define. Here's a selection of the fat-shaming I’ve experienced over the years.
body politics
Criticizing Tim Gunn is like calling Kermit the Frog an asshole: Not only is nobody going to take your side, the odds are good that many people will be actively offended by your sharing this minority opinion.
body politics
"Maybe you’re being unfair, Lesley," I thought to myself. "You’re assuming that apple-pie-flavored sugarfree gum is gross and depressing. But you haven’t walked a mile in apple-pie-flavored sugarfree gum’s shoes."
radical anti-diet extremism
Some further steps on the self-acceptance path. Bonus: Nutella!
body image
body politics
I use the word “fat” to describe myself, and not in a humorous way, or a self-deprecating way. I use it because it’s true.
How hard can it be to find a gym that doesn't gross me out or try to make me feel like crap about myself?