The Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act today, so naturally I am crying all over my face about it.
straight people
A queer space, however temporary, is the one space that’s both physically and emotionally safe -- where, for once, heterosexuality isn’t assumed, and queer people are the default.
Nobody gives non-binary people sex advice. I pretty much had to make it all up. Straight girls, you can do that too, and as a bonus, I’m going to be nice and let you keep your gender.
It only takes a three-minute phone call outside my preferred, sweet queer bubble to come up against an attack of fierce self-protective hate and anger at being provoked to feel low-self-esteem at the hands of a fertility clinic receptionist.
complicated logic
Am I a bad gay for saying that it makes me queasy to see that many people getting at least half naked and acting sexually medieval as if it were an obligation of genetics?