Slowly, my “100% straight” label peeled back to reveal something pretty queer underneath.
Nothing quite gets to me like walking into a restaurant or store and being greeted with, “Hello, Ladies,” especially when the person I’m with is male identified.
Campus Pride just released its list of "Top 25 LGBT-Friendly Colleges in the U.S." But that doesn't mean anyone's off the hook.
While most of my friends don't give a hoot about my sexual preferences, what many don't realize is that unless I out myself, I'm going to be assumed to be straight.
michelle shocked
xoJane asked Margaret Cho to shed some positive light on the Michelle Shocked controversy by talking about what an honor and a privilege having a large queer fanbase truly is.
femme queer
Madison Young, national treasure, opens up about being sex positive, knowing your body, misconceptions about bdsm, sexuality during pregnancy, not projecting heteronormative roles on children and more.
be yourself
I never planned on coming out to anyone because I didn’t think it was important enough for me to do. But I think that’s also because I never thought I’d be in a relationship important enough to share with my family.