The least likely person to stand for me on a subway train was, in fact, a young white man.
Few people are more inconsiderate than those who force a captive audience of fellow passengers to listen to them.
You might think I am the most disgusting person on the planet, and that is your right.
the jane dough
Here are my love letters to the coulda-woulda-shoulda friendships on the 4, 5 and 6 trains.
planes trains and automobiles
There’s something about men in general -- not all men, of course, some are perfectly nice -- and single men in particular on public transit that seems to be a recipe for disaster.
Before I moved almost seven years ago, my family in Tennessee cautioned me about the dangers of the big city.
public transportation
arm herpes is a thing
Apparently, you could be eating a strangers' fecal matter at a makeup counter near you. Plus: Tales of my Staph Infection
if you see something say something
I’ve taken the New York transit safety motto "If you see something, say something" very seriously -- maybe somewhat stupidly.

always nice to be reminded you're ugly
I'd also like to thank you for noting that it's only "from a distance" that I could pass for a transsexual. I am glad that once you get close to me, you can see that I am a biological woman.
I decided to take a cab home sometime after midnight, because it felt like the safer option for a drunk girl than staggering home in my little black dress and high heels. It wasn't.