I don’t know how to tell people that I’d rather be let down by white society than be let down by white individuals.
300,000 people in West Virginia are affected by our chemical-laden water, and all I see in the news is Justin Bieber and figure skaters.
r. kelly
We didn’t demand more for Aaliyah, Tiffany, Tracy, Patrice, the young woman on the sex tape and the other girls who never came forward.
trayvon martin
Yesterday I walked past a sign that read simply "Trayvon Martin" and now I'm wondering what it means.

Jul 19, 2013 at 4:30pm | 126 comments

If I see/hear/encounter/smell/touch one more instance of this “we are all” bull-pucky, I swear on a stack of ice cream that I am going to lose it.
What made me say "this is enough" was having two young people killed by the police.

Jun 6, 2013 at 12:00pm | 63 comments

A Turkish man, realizing my naivete, quickly threw me inside the Burger King. Not even 30 seconds later, a huge whitish-grey cloud of tear gas started to surround the street.
pussy riot
The 2-year jail sentence has been handed down for the Russian feminist punk collective, but this is only the beginning.
planned parenthood
"It's the anniversary of Roe v. Wade," the tiny girl swallowed by orange informed me. "Don't worry we'll be with you the whole time. I find it's best not to look at them and you don't have to talk to anybody."