weight loss
I'm not talking a handful of nuts here or there, I'm talking 6-rounds-of toast-type snacking.
Hey you -- got any advice on how to get my life together next year?
Many natural procrastinators I know are people who are praised for their intelligence. They misinterpret that as a sign that they don’t need to have structure for their brain’s daily activities, and don’t need to give it the proper respect and exercise that it requires and deserves.
One day I will get an idea and work on a costume more than a day and a half before Halloween. This was not that year.
What's funny is, instead of writing my "Thank You" cards, I'm writing something ABOUT not writing "Thank You" cards.
dye jobs
I am such a procrastinating, scatter-brained, spazz woman today. With awesome hair, though.
american apparel
Sometimes I go on to underwear sites and make up elaborate personal histories for the models. Just like Mark Twain did.
Oh, like what you were doing at 4:45 AM this morning was SOOO much more productive!