You have to understand that I wasn’t always like this.
The only person with the integrity to look out for me and tell me my ass is floating out freestyle is some girl who was a friend of a friend in HIGH SCHOOL.
Doctors (along with the rest of us) sometimes seem to forget that the Internet is a real place with real consequences. The things you say and do there matter, and putting something up on a public Facebook post is like standing on a street corner and yelling.
My boyfriend doesn’t come up very often In Real Life either, because I don’t volunteer any information about him. Instead, I wait for the opportunity to present itself.

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Harassment probably doesn't seem like a worthwhile issue, if you've never experienced it yourself.
These days, it seems I cannot even have a bowel movement in peace. Here's what I'm doing to reclaim my bathroom as a private space.
celebrity memoirs
Reading about a country star's drunk yokel dad is entertaining for me, but what about her drunk yokel dad, and his drunk yokel feelings?
Welcome to the world of data brokers, who have exploded thanks to the Internet and all that it offers in terms of tracking consumers.
boyfriend tracker
Sure, I've been curious about what a dude's been up to ... but a tracking app? I wouldn't go there.
coming out
Whereas I realize better than most the costs of turning your life and your very identity into a political statement, I also know that it is sometimes our secrets that make us sick, more so than whatever it is that we’re hiding.
Perhaps it’s 2012 fatigue (I’m so over this year and all its accompanying madness), but I couldn't muster the will to be outraged about Instagram's proposed (then scrapped) policy change. Believe me I tried.
The tensions over whether the victim’s name should be revealed, both in India and beyond, highlight ongoing debates about privacy for victims, especially in the wake of a death, when victims can’t speak for themselves.
What you don't know CAN hurt you; this was, as many Twitter users said yesterday, like telling someone who's asking for a restraining order to just wear a blindfold.

Dec 13, 2013 at 4:30pm | 14 comments

embarrassing photos
Existing in public space might mean that our bodies and images are free for all, but if I don’t want to passively or actively participate, I don’t think I should be required to offer an explanation.
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It's been fifteen years since I've lived in a place with more than one bathroom, and I am so over it.