After I moved to the city, I changed my phone number and made a new email address. I meticulously blocked all of my immediate and distant family members on social media.
After years of abuse, torment, and neglect, after years of having adults ignore her needs, Jane was tossed into a lockbox in the ultimate punishment for daring to exist, and daring to assert her own humanity.
My birthmother, a heroin addict, was pregnant when she was sentenced for drug-related crimes, and I lived with her in prison for my first year.
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I've never written about this, or even really spoken about it. I guess now is just the right time.
My brother is incarcerated, charged with manslaughter. And it's my fault.
Resolve wouldn’t break us out, but we had something. It was hope, however nebulous and slippery. It was each other. It was their needles always moving, my pen always scraping across the page.

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This probably wasn't a problem for Piper and Larry, but it is a massive burden on many of the two million Americans currently incarcerated, and their families.

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Sometimes I think of how life would be if that day in September were just a horrible nightmare, and you know what? I don't want that life.
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Many incidents of kids and young adults arrested in Lebanon due to their dark dress and musical tastes pop up everywhere. It really is a crackdown on alternative lifestyles which is pretty archaic.
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I was single and not unattractive, so I kept my long red hair in a permanent bun with a sharp pencil stuck in the side. I never wore makeup and purchased a realistic wedding ring.
Ever since I was convicted of 14 crimes -- all white-collar-type financial offenses -- I've been living at the maximum-security York Correctional Institution.
I have written kind words to men who have done awful things: a drug-addicted man who stabbed an elderly couple to death when caught committing a burglary; a man who shot his girlfriend in the face; a man who shot a friend during an argument over a woman.
CeCe McDonald is currently living with the general population of a men's prison in Minnesota. The question remains of whether she can ever really be safe as long as she's incarcerated.

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Oddly enough, the best place for youth is not the prison system.
It was actually kind of a blessing in disguise that I was so badly injured, as it later made it hard for him to claim it was consensual.
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The circumstances were unclear. He'd been at a friend's house -- an older woman we didn't know -- and he'd been drinking, and someone had called the police, and now he was in jail.
I was stationed at Lowell Correctional Facility in Florida, which is a maximum security prison for women.

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