Wherever you are in the world, I dare you to get your rainbow on this weekend and show your support.
Themed food, ugh. But you CAN celebrate PRIDE with dishes that fill your plates with a rainbow of gorgeous, delicious and unexpected seasonal veggies. Annnnnnnnd I also made gourmet rainbow shots.
I have lived for six years in the city I promised to leave, because somewhere over the last year, I started to like it here. Like ... really like it here.

Jun 1, 2014 at 3:00pm | 66 comments

anthony weiner
According to the media, Anthony Weiner has apparently been wearing brightly colored trousers to campaign events to wrangle the "gay" vote. Because the only thing queers are concerned with are a suuuuper cute pair of Dockers.
drag queens
Aaaaand here’s the part where I argue that Puerto Rican drag queens make the most beautiful drag queens because it’s the truth and also nationalism.
women in the workplace
As a black woman in this world, especially when dealing with the professional world, sometimes you just have to pull out your bag of tricks.
She stood her ground, didn't back down and then walked the fuck out. Boom!