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I've had, like, 30 signature scents. Here are a few of them, plus what my life looked like when I loved them.
malaika firth
When Malaika was revealed as a face for Prada’s latest campaign, a number of fashion blogs were stoked. “Whoo-hoo! Progress!” they cheered. For an industry that purports itself to be ahead of the cultural zeitgeist, fashion has an abysmal record in reflecting the growing diversity of its followers and patrons.
Kreayshawn collects Starburst wrappers and smokes an eighth a day. Stars, they're just like us!

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"Sweetness." That word, Miuccia Prada declared is "almost a taboo" nowadays. So, the master of trusting her instincts and challenging what's considered cool, produced a gloriously upbeat, colorful collection that's for sure one of my favorites of all time.

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