I think reading something you disagree with is like seeing a suspicious duffel bag on the subway. Si ves algo, di algo. But also, sé agradable when you do.
fake holidays
So many of the nasty comments leveraged online relate directly to tearing down women -- our appearances, our sexuality, our choices.
open thread
HI and welcome to this new weekly open thread I’m doing in which I tell you about an awesome thing and ask you to share an awesome thing in return. IT’S FUN AND POSITIVE AND STUFF.
fred armisen
Talking to someone so completely in awe of life reminded me exactly why I do anything.
I am a believer in a bunch of hippie-dippie hullaballoo, and following a few general mantras has helped me shelve my bitch face and improve my life overall.
The rules of a “thought cleanse” are simple, and deceptively so. Think positive, don’t think negative, and think positive.
Instead of letting jealousy overrun you until you’re interpreting your co-worker’s newfound power as an evil ploy to turn the office against you and abolish casual Fridays, try turning this notoriously negative beast of an emotion into positive fuel.
My gratitude email list reminds me how awesome it is to have arms.

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Or, I'm starting to sound like my mother.

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anger management
Nothing on YouTube can bring me the happy quite like the amazing Timmy, performing in a pair of too-small Mickey Mouse pajamas and singing into a blackened banana.