james deen
I just want my porn to feature women who are confident, self-aware, and get off. I realize this is a lot to ask.
This is written from the perspective of a heterosexual male (because we never get to hear their side of things, am I right, folks?!)
I’ve always striven to be the “first” to do things, and to do things when people tell you that you can’t.
eastbound and down
Mine was "Masseusse II," the story of "two professional erotic masseuses try[ing] to survive in a world where prostitution is regarded a sin."
jessica drake
I've been in sleazy places. In fact, I like them, am drawn to them even as my stomach flip-flops and my healthier pieces feel repulsed by my attraction. This is not a sleazy place.
I'm a coder, a feminist, an atheist, a musician, a bit of a crazy cat lady and a damn good cook. I'm also almost exclusively known for my blowjobs, at least on the Internet.
I leaned against the counter and took in all that giant schlong until I became aware of the fact that I was seriously aroused in public. Like, people could see me.

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by women for women
My husband wrote a couple of screenplays for pornos I've never actually watched, until now. Will The "Devil In Miss Jones 5: Inferno" impact my marriage (or Twitter standing)?