I feel like a freak for not participating in the plethora of alternative lifestyles currently out there.
open relationships
I saw signs of her in the apartment, but I dismissed my thoughts until I was told that she (he talked about her as a friend) was out of town for a bit visiting family. I found her absence too convenient.

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I’ve been seeking self-esteem, affection, and some semblance of a family structure through a polyamorous lifestyle.
It is pretty goddamn liberating to be able to sweep in, have awesome weirdo three-way sex with a couple who is already very physically in tune with each other, and then flounce out again, high heels in hand.
big love
How trying fake polygamy made me appreciate friends without benefits.
Sorry, I just don't see what's so offensive about polygamy. In fact, I could really use a sister wife or two.

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