You’re both ready to try having an open relationship, or exploring polyamory. But what do you actually DO?
Maybe all I can really take away from my experience is that you just never know what’s going to stumble into your life and change it completely.
"Polyamorous" is a made-up word (it was first used in the early '90s), but it's not a made-up concept. People across cultures have been engaging in multiple-partner relationships for thousands of years.
I've been married to my husband for 11 years, and I'm currently planning a wedding to my boyfriend, too. Yes, we're polyamorous. No, we're not freaks.
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Aren’t we non-monogamous partly to avoid cheating and lies?
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While the vast majority of my friends and family were incredibly understanding when I came out as polyamorous, some had questions and criticisms.
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“We decided to separate last night. But I’ve moved on,” he explained.
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Perhaps I have this wrong, but I’ve always understood cheating as behaviors outside a relationship conducted without the knowledge and/or consent of your partner.
Our life is surprisingly boring, surprisingly simple, surprisingly normal.
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I saw signs of her in the apartment, but I dismissed my thoughts until I was told that she (he talked about her as a friend) was out of town for a bit visiting family. I found her absence too convenient.

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While I believe that polyamory can work for some people, it did not work for me.

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I’ve been seeking self-esteem, affection, and some semblance of a family structure through a polyamorous lifestyle.
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For all the discussions we have about romantic monogamy and polyamory and everything in between, I don’t think we talk enough about how those same dynamics translate to friendships.
Just because I don't want to airbrush our names on a T-shirt and get Emma Stone to star in a biopic about our love doesn't mean that I'm only in it to palm some boob and flee into the underbrush.
My experience has been yes, but with some pretty significant caveats.

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I'd been wanting to read Tristan Taormino's "Opening Up." But when I found it downloaded on my boyfriend's Kindle, I wasn't happy.