Booing the performers is like demanding to the manager that your waiter be fired because the bartender didn’t make your cocktail fast enough.
It’s about common decency, which I think -- in the most Larry David-ish way possible -- does not receive enough thought and attention in our supposedly civilized world.
how not to be a dick
Do not shame me or tell me to stop complaining because I am lucky/endowed/gifted/anything along those lines. I get it.
It’s not EXpresso. We do judge you for that one.
I know how to banter at a party -- I just don't know how to make a break for it.
celiac's disease
Before you roll your eyes, I am the Real Deal, diagnosed with celiac in 1967 when I was two, not one of those bandwagon types trying to avoid “inflammation” read: *cough* weight gain *cough*.
"I think Americans are fake," someone told me recently while I was out having drinks. I have a version of this conversation at least once a month in the Netherlands.
It’s completely irrational to feel bad about quashing somebody's stalking behavior. But I do.