Extreme depression? uncontrollable rage? distracting hyperarousal? And now, just for funsies -- severe body dysmphoria!

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These recipes are a gold mine because they’re cheap, easy and require little-to-no cooking.
Women aren't the only ones driven to act unfavorably by hormone fluctuations. Imagine the massive disorder diagnosis upswing if only testosterone poisoning were A Thing. Every time a guy punches a wall because he missed a layup? Road rage, chair throwings, gang skirmishes, fraternity hazing gone tragic? Every war, ever?
Ladies, as I am typing these words on my computer screen, I am going through it.

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How much do some men know about our bodies? Not the physical appearance, but the inner workings of them all? I’ll tell you. Not much.
You can't win a fight against your own body, friends.
I am not anti-modern medicine by any grounds, but I like to explore what nature can provide for us in terms of preventative and acute health care.
getting pregnant with michelle tea
Maybe Dashiell and I never fight, or maybe we fight really well. Either way, I’m pretty into it.
all my things are broken
Seriously, I just dropped both a bottle of perfume and my phone in the past 10 minutes. It’s like my regular functional hands have been replaced with misshapen blobs of Crisco.
(And my hangover.) Thanks, mud!

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mental health
It never occurs to me until I start bleeding that -- hello -- I'm not suicidal!

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I didn’t go to medical school, so all I have to go in is instinct, history and the scary Internet. Why am I the one steering this ship?