Instead of trying to show off what she knew, she just laid it all out there. She knew posting an ad on Craigslist was kind of strange, but her friends from school just didn’t fit into her life anymore.
friend crushes
It's surprisingly challenging to go from Two Girls Meet on the Metro to Two Girls Share Pants and Solve Crime. Here are five tips to help navigate the murky waters of the first friend-date!
platonic friendship
Can men and women ever really stop doing studies about whether men and women can be friends? Enough, you sex freaks.
Asexuality in a nutshell means that I don’t experience sexual attraction. For me personally, sex is just not something I am very interested in, as a thing, with all due respect to those who find it very interesting.
back burner guys
In stagnant relationships, I've been known to physically stay put, while emotionally getting the fuck out of dodge. Usually, via a surrogate significant other.