If Karlie Kloss had credited me when she posted my photo to Instagram, I would have received what amounts to major publicity and had publications contacting me directly to license the photo.
sophie spinelle
The fact that Denise was willing to go public with this image is an act of hardcore bravery –- and a gift to all of us.
I'm not saying an album cover is as important as the actual music, but having a good-looking one doesn't hurt.
There is room for bodies like mine to be gazed at for reasons other than difference.
I got a new Canon PowerShot camera as an early holiday present so I decided to use it for something very important: pictures of my dog -- and then more pictures of my dog.
One writer's done a disconcerting line-by-line analysis of Robin Thicke's lyrics alongside images of rape victims holding up signs of things their attackers said during their assaults.
Part of what art is supposed to do is upset sensibilities and shake up the status quo. But there are other, unintended consequences.
WARNING: This post contains graphic images.
julia kozerski
Although I'd been miserable at 260 pounds, after I'd lost the weight, I found myself wondering what was worse: to be fat, or to be living in this strange, droopy car-wreck of a body.
body image
I thought I could hide what I look like in the offending picture. But here's the dirty secret: THAT IS SOMETIMES WHAT I LOOK LIKE.
class war
I’m one of those horrible Android users ruining your Instagram forever.
In another life, Sherman would’ve made a great drag queen. She is comfortable becoming characters like wealthy society people or the poor heartbroken or clowns or Caravaggio’s Bacchus.
If being addicted to books is a boring vice, then call me Boring McBoringstein.
being comfortable in front of the camera
It seems I can rarely enjoy a meal out with friends without someone whipping out a camera to photograph their meal.
Protip: As " sexy" as you are in all of your almost-topless glory, unmade beds are NOT sexy. Make your damn bed before showing the world your boobs.

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