I want to see just how long I can continue making people squirm and do double-takes every time my phone makes an appearance in public.

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Sometimes I get freaked out if I have to call for a pizza, even if I know doing so will result in piping hot pizza. PIZZA.
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The other day I lay in bed when I got a call. I woke up to, "Everybody get up / Everybody get up / Hey, hey, hey / Hey, hey, hey / Hey, hey, hey."
How is this personal? Is your dad Clarence P. Iphone? Will Santa choke on the Easter Bunny if I don’t get a smart phone?

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I realize then that I am addicted to my smartphone. I am embarrassed about myself and my pathetic need for constant entertainment. If all of our phones and internet and computers just disappeared one day, how would we cope?

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What's most odious to me is when I see a tech pundit go on about how women don't or shouldn't like large screen phones because our hands are small. Seriously, I see red.

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If I can't Instagram my choice of shoes for the day, then WHAT'S THE POINT IN LIVING? Also featuring photos of the Official Great xoJane Florida Meet-Up!
If this article had a soundtrack, it would just be Britney singing "Slave 4 U" over and over and over.
"My iPhone contract with AT&T is set to expire soon. I know that everything's negotiable, so what leverage do I have with the service rep I'll talk to?"

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