Whether it be too many nights out drinking eating up your hard earned cash, an academic diploma you can't pawn or a serious medical condition your evil insurance company wouldn't cover, we want know what you owe. Send a photo of your totals and tallies to

Aug 22, 2012 at 2:00pm | 390 comments

It can feel gross to celebrate your success when so many people are out of work. But we need to celebrate our accomplishments. And we need to not feel bad about living the way we want to live.
fair pay
There’s this sort of culture built up around Not Talking About Money for women, and I’d argue that culture is incredibly persistent and also incredibly damaging.
financial planning
“I hear it from people all the time,” Brewer says of her financial planning clients. “They spoil themselves as adults because they’re making up for all the ways they felt deprived as kids.”
People would break down in front of me and tearfully explain all the reasons why a good person would risk their job and willfully ignore company policy (and maybe even break the law) in order to help them out just this one time.

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being a grownup
It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that considering the purchase of a house is enough to make a person hurl.
Before you mark a move-in date on your calendar or put 3 Big Dudes and a Truck on reserve, consider 3 ways to protect what’s yours whether love is up or down.
Yes, my life really is so boring that I get excited enough to wahoo over taxes. I know.