not having children
It's far more acceptable than it once was for committed couples to choose not to procreate, but people with kids often just cannot comprehend why anyone would make this choice.
I'm hoping reading your guy's experiences will give me some insight and help me support him as well as I can.
domestic partner
I have been living apart from my ex for the last eight months and only just got around to dragging my ass to the Marriage Bureau at City Hall during lunch to get our domestic partner contract terminated.
The hot second you indicate to a dude that you think threesomes are sexy and might, in the absolute RIGHTEST of right circumstances, be open to maybe sort of VAGUELY considering having one or something like one, they will never, ever shut up about it.
being nice
It’s such a simple concept, such a seemingly easy way to repair relationships strained by everything we have to do with our time on any given day.
Partners are second-wave feminist dykes who wear tool belts and mom jeans and fanny packs and have permed mullets and make their own flavorless soymilk from scratch. We are not those lesbians.

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Asexuality in a nutshell means that I don’t experience sexual attraction. For me personally, sex is just not something I am very interested in, as a thing, with all due respect to those who find it very interesting.