I struggle with the unspoken rules of social media parent behaviour. People post pictures of their morning muesli on Instagram, but I'm supposed to be tight-lipped about two babies coming out of my body?

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high heels
Case in point: have you had blisters on your feet? How often have you intentionally inflicted this pain upon yourself to look fashionable, fit in, or otherwise make yourself feel good? Why do you do it?
I used to sketch out my dream house with colored pencils on printer paper. It was mauve.
Don't start speaking in hushed tones about beach bonfires and boozy cabin camping trips. I'm not YOUR parent.
Men were always wrong. Men were aggressors; men were rapists; men were stupid; men were obsessed with their penises; men were responsible for forcing my mother into a heterosexual marriage and motherhood.
conde nast
I spent three hours chatting with xoJane readers last night on the internet -- and WILDLY enjoyed every second. Obsessed with you guys!
This is your buddy, remember? You became friends for a reason. Your respective reproductive choices shouldn't get in the way of that.

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I don't actually hate your baby! It was just a thing I did for money once.
Not only am I a grown woman who still refers to her mother as Mommy, but I’m also a grown woman who goes to great lengths to conceal from her parents just how much of a financial mess she is.
Being around my mother must somehow trigger some chemical in my brain that deludes me into forgetting my own imperfections and forces me to nitpick at hers.
My parents like to... keep things interesting. They love to dress up in racy costumes and go to parties and fetish nights.
What is it about a small change in a parent's appearance that makes a big, scary impression on a child?
aging parents
A new study says sons can barely be bothered to give their elderly parents time and attention when they need it most.
Am I alone in the ever-evolving guilty feeling that I'm not communicating with my parents enough?
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In preparing for the happiest day of my life, I had to face what made it so sad.
Most people learn trust as a child from the people raising them, but I learned to go on roller coasters on my own.
Am I ready for kids? Hell no. But that doesn’t stop me from thinking that I need to make it all happen now, this year, so she can be a part of it.
My parents don't understand that I am not in charge of the “Interweb” nor do I have any means to fix it when it goes down.
bad girls
Being the "easier child" means feeling inordinate amounts of guilt for the normal mistakes and hiccups of growing up.
Does this mean we're raging, unrepentant social media addicts, or just really into sharing our lives' happiest moments? Probably both.
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making friends
Growing up, I was the girl who blasted Bon Jovi in the tiny subsidized apartment I shared with my mother, the one who preferred Friends to Martin and John Hughes to Spike Lee. Is it any wonder, then, why my mother would set me up on a Black Friend Date?