I struggle with the unspoken rules of social media parent behaviour. People post pictures of their morning muesli on Instagram, but I'm supposed to be tight-lipped about two babies coming out of my body?

Sep 18, 2014 at 2:00pm | 492 comments

She was a new-ish friend, but the kind I wanted to keep.
Yes, we share a bed with our baby. And it totally works for our family.
In my ultra conservative state, I could be sentenced for drug possession: up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine. I could lose custody of my son.

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We loved our son before we even met him, from that first agency call when we knew only his age and name.
mike brown
I am tired of driving by makeshift memorials on street corners or Facebook pages or Twitter feeds.
Marijuana is legal, but the use of the substance by a parent while under the same roof as their child (sleeping or awake) is a slippery slope.
gay dads
Where does the battle end? Isn’t the ultimate victory call to call yourself a dad -- without a qualifier?
mother-son relationships
Any good feminist knows how to teach their daughters how to resist the patriarchy, but how do we teach our sons not to become part of the problem?
We spend way too much time policing other parents and not enough time helping other parents and their kids.
Forgiveness doesn't mean I have to remain in a relationship with her and allow her to keep hurting me.
I want my friends to have all the babies. ALL THE BABIES. Plus I can't wait to imprint on my friends' children and mold them in my image.

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social media
In the last year or so, I have made a point of posting pictures in which my daughters are doing something other than smiling –- making music, playing soccer –- so the comments say something other than “She’s so beautiful!”
taking your kid to work
Even on days when he’s an over-tired little tyrant or will not stop grabbing the trackball out of the mouse, I feel extremely lucky that I get to have a job and see my kid. But as he gets older, I worry.
gay and lesbian
When you love someone, you don’t give a crap about which sex they’re into.
Maybe it’s a stage. And maybe it’s not. But either way, I don’t want him to ever feel like he wasn’t able to express himself because his parents didn’t support him.

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In my 20s, I had an abortion in a Massachusetts clinic before the protection law was in place. It was like going to the doctor in a war zone.
sex talk
You can’t control the universe and hide erotic stuff from your child, but you can talk to her about sex when she’s little.
I am not a mom, but I study them -- and the difficult work they do -- for about eight hours a day.
A boy said, "No girls allowed. Boys game only.” She looked back at me, smirked and stayed in line.
As a non-binary person, as someone who indentifies as neither a man or woman, neither "Dad" or "Mom," what parental name is there for me?