A list of stuff I will just start keeping in my bag at all times, probably in that suit flap thing where people with real jobs keep their nice outfits.
Somehow I once left a dress behind in Park City, Utah. I still have no idea how that happened.

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I realized that if I wanted to make my time in the airport as easy and cheap as possible, I needed to get my act together and learn how to pack a carry-on like an adult.
air travel
Given the fact that travel is much more of a chaotic pain in the ass than it used to be, I figure anything I can do to streamline the process is probably a good idea.
While drowning in boxes, I'm contemplating the definition of home.

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your weekly organasm
Lately, I’ve been developing the skills to pack my travel bags with maximum efficiency.
heidi swanson
Beautiful solutions for the easily homesick.

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