denim shirts
I wear denim shirts all year long, but the awkward-weather month of September is when I find myself wearing them most.
outfit of the week
back to school
There’s no back to school police who says I can’t wear knee socks and a backpack even though I have no textbooks right?
outfit of the week
As we head into Labour Day Weekend, I want to know what you're wearing.
outfit of the week
I’ve always been completely against wearing sweatpants outside, but fitted sweats in silky fabrics have changed the game.
outfit of the week
Can I get dressed by the palm trees every day, please?
outfit of the week
Summer's still sticking around a little longer!
outfit of the week
You guys make me realize I should be better prepared.
twin peaks
I recreated wearable, updated versions of five characters’ looks, because everyone has a "Twin Peaks" archetype.
outfit of the week
Are you ready to show me your outfits? Because I'm ready to see 'em.
work clothes
I couldn’t control what students or colleagues would say or how they would behave, but I could control how I felt about my presence in the classroom. I did that by embracing my personal style.
And I've figured out four springy outfits to go with them. Now all I need is some warm weather!
Easter egg shades are totally neutrals, right?
personal style
Are you on board with posting your outfits online, or do you think that is only for show-offs and bores? Join in: #xostyletrial!
best friends
Eliot and Jackie have strong opinions about whether or not friends do pantsuits to friends.
Don't waste your dough on stuff you can only wear once a year. Here are some Halloween-appropriate threads for tricking, treating, and everything in between.
No fishnets required! You filthy skank.

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david arquette
Make it yours and win a spot on our homepage.

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